Paul-Henri DuBerger

Paul-Henri DuBerger (October 8th, 1939 – July 19th 2012), resided in the Quebec City area. He served at the Reserve Canadian Army in 1955 and was promoted in the first reserve in 1980 as Lieutenant Colonel grade. At this time, he was in charge of the famous Le Régiment des Voltigeurs de Québec from 1974 to 1977 and assumed many functions of command and Joint Chief of Staff.

He had a BA and a licentiate’s degree in Pedagogy, as well as a BA and a master degree in experimental psychology from Laval University in Quebec. He continued his career as a teacher in psychology at the College of Ste-Foy, contractual teacher at Laval University and artist painter.

At the same time Paul-Henri DuBerger studied oil painting and was introduced to Francesco Iacurto, OC , OQ, R.C.A., I.A.F and Dr. Jean Trudel.

He attended workshops in Rockport with a group of other 'Sunday artists' where he met Movalli and Emile A. Gruppé, one of the American masters of the School of Impressionism of Gloucester, and convinced him to give a series of lessons. This was how he met many great North American and especially Quebec personalities.

Paul-Henri DuBerger was an Impressionist. He painted spontaneously and boldly in much the same manner as the artists he learned from.

While often seeing the style of the artists he has known and studied with, his canvases uniquely reflect his own style.

Always a perfectionist, he never touched up or fixed a painting he was not happy with, but preferred to destroy the canvas and start again.